Any questions?

Why does it need teams like the Dreamteam?

There are passionate football players all over Switzerland. However, many of them don’t have the possibility to play their favourite sport in a club. Let’s create the conditions that everybody can actively participate in a club.

What is the benefit for the club?

Every club can be proud to make it possible for every passionate football player to participate actively in their club. This social integration is a “win-win”-situation for all parties involved. The contagious enthusiasm and the genuine joy of playing football enhance the club, enlives the ambiance and create a space for encounters.

What are the requirements for the coach?

In erster Linie bMost of all it takes genuine pleasure to work together with people with disabilities. Experience in football and the ability to adapt the training to the team are equally important. It is also an advantage to have a basic knowledge about mental disabilities.

Was gilt es in What should be considered with regard to relations and responsibility?

Um einen reibungslosen To assure training without difficulties, it is important to exchange regularly with the relatives, schools or other involved people. Finally, the main responsibility lies with the legal guardians. This means that depending on the disability the presence of a parent or guardian is strictly required.

Wie sehen dWhat are the first planning steps?

Zuerst braucht es eine TraiFirst, it requires a coach, who likes to work with people with disabilities and who wants to support their interests and needs. Second, you have to find a club that supports the project. To form the team, you finally have to build up personal relations to the relevant institutions (e.g. integration classes, school for therapeutic pedagogy, homes for people with disabilities) or address the parents directly.